The Twenty-Four Seven Goalkeeper Academy was developed to provide professional instruction and a foundation for all attendees to become the best goalkeeper they can be. Each Goalkeeper will receive instruction on all aspects of the specialized position. We are looking to develop goalkeepers who are willing to put in the time and effort required to become the best they can be.

Goalkeepers will be instructed in the following areas: shot handling, diving, crosses,
breakaways, foot skills, tactics, distribution, command of the 18 yard area, and physical/mental preparedness

I. Advanced Shot Handling

A. Deflection shots

a. hands
b. footwork

B. Point blank and reaction shots

a. hands
b. footwork

C. “Screened” shots

a. hands
b. footwork

II. Diving

A. Foot mobility
B. Landing
C. Low balls (grass cutter saves)
D. Full flying extensions
E. Front collapse dive
F. Back to goal dive
G. Power
H. Restanding technique
1.speed handed restand hands restand (rocking chair technique)
I. Diving only when necessary

III. Crosses and Flighted Balls

A. Timing
B. Footwork
C. Range
D. Catch or box
E. Decision process

IV. Breakaways

A. Attacking style
Out fast and slow as approaching
Fast and aggressive
B. Decision making
C. Body position


V. Dealing with Back Passes and Goalkeeper Foot Skills

A. Trapping under pressure
B. Clearing the ball under pressure
C. Heading under pressure
D. Receiving the ball under pressure

VI. Physical Training

A. Explosive power
B. Vertical Jump
C. Quickness

1.Agility and balance
VII. Distribution

A. Bowling
B. Overhand throwing
C. Punting
D. Half volley
E. Goal Kick

VIII. Tactics

A. Angle play

1.Starting position
2.Saving position

B. Decision making

1.Correct solutions

C. Communication

D. Positioning the defense

1.Man to man defense
2.Zone defense

IX. Psychological

A. Concentration
B. Motivation
C. Determination
D. Coping skills
E. Training discipline